This is a catalogue of thoughts

…and not really a ‘blog’, although names are just labels, aren’t they. It’s the essence of things that matter. I suppose that through writing, we unveil a little bit of our own essence.

I used to write so much, and it made me so happy. I used to read more, too. Then, life became more demanding, and I stopped writing.

I’ve recently realized, though, that life is too short to not make time for activities that bring me happiness. Thus- the birth of this online…journal/diary/catalogue of thoughts/place to post my stories and ramblings.  I  read anything and everything, but I enjoy reading fantasy the most, because why spend time reading about things that happen in this world when you…don’t really have to? I like writing fantasy shorts as well, although honestly, anything goes.

I am not writing for anybody in particular. Besides snippets of stories, I will be mostly unloading my thoughts here as well. Fair warning- I abandon projects quickly and easily. I wonder if this blog will stand the test of time, and my inconstant heart.


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