A girl facing the unknown

…. aka a reflection of my state of mind as I leave the west coast and move to the east for university. Mostly excited, a little apprehensive, and prematurely homesick. 

I am thankful that I have something so precious that it pains me to say goodbye. Not everyone is lucky enough to have that.


My hair fell down my back in a waterfall of loose, haphazard curls. A circlet of some exotic wood nestled on my head, and rose pigment sparkled on my eyelids. This was as presentable as I would ever be. With a deep breath, I left my room, taking care not to stumble in my too-high heels.

“You look lovely today, darling,” Ila murmured as she fell into step beside me. Her servant’s dress had been replaced with a clean, cotton shift embroidered with tendrils of ivy and orange flowers. Her cheeks were bright with powder.

“So do you.” I couldn’t help but let my nerves show a little. My fingers balled up into fists.

Observant as ever, Ila patted the small of my back. Her hands, light as a bird’s touch, were warm and comforting. “It’s nothing to be scared of, sweetling. It’s just something new, that’s all. Something different. Change isn’t a bad thing.” I nodded mechanically, but my fears were plainly still evident in my expression, for Ila continued her quiet reassurances. “Let go of your misgivings and unfounded worries, Fina. The experience is what you make of it. And for what it’s worth, I think- I know– that you’re going to end up loving it.”


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